About Us

About us

CarbonDivest.org, as a web app and part of Green Force Partners was developed by us to Engage users and create an elevated social awareness to the cause and effect that the Indigenous people across the planet have as natural guardians of our forests, flora and fauna. CarbonDivest draws attention to how individuals and businesses can help fund sustainable projects and positively impact the lives of the people living in these Indigenous communities by offsetting their personal carbon footprint through our web app and supporting the Indigenous communities featured in our Projects.

Here is the situation

Climate change is still a topic that governments are not addressing fully because of the huge undertaking and cost there is to implement changes in their countries. We are working directly with the lawmakers of various countries and have been helping in reshaping national policies towards preventing deforestation, and helping the Indigenous people who live in the rain-forests throughout the Americas.

Our goals

Through this web application, we plan to simplify the experience of offsetting carbon footprints for people. We have chosen to focus the Guainia, Colombia project for our current Green offsetting project. We will be adding others over time, but we have found that the tribes of the Amazon are suffering from hunger and poverty. They are the land owners and caretakers of these magnificant jungles. But the rainforests are being demolished by deforestation. This in turn is having a disasterous effect on our global climate causing climate changes and causing a greenhouse gas effect due to CO2 being trapped in our atmosphere.

Our Goal is to make a difference one community at a time and
in doing so, fight climate change from every angle we can.




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