How It Works

Your first step toward offsetting and neutralizing your carbon footprint, is to calculate what that footprint is. Then your next step will be to choose a project that is a carbon protection program that you can sponsor immediately. As more people sponsor these projects, the projects will increasingly grow, and more will be added to the list until we can reach a place where our environment is filled with healthy air, water and land.

Step 1: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

We will need to start by gathering some basic information from you. We use this information to figure out how much greenhouse gas you are emitting. We look at a few key factors such as how you commute, your power and gas usage, and how much other stuff you buy. Type the country where you live in and then you will see numbers come up that are pre-populated from a typical carbon footprint from your country.

The Formula

This is a brief overview of how we do the math in the background:

  •  First a typical baseline carbon footprint value is brought in.
  •  After this, data from country’s average carbon footprint from your country, to scale the baseline carbon footprint values by your country’s average.
  • After you put your information into the calculator, that information is then run through the calculator to pull out the data to figure what your personal carbon footprint is.
  •  Once you have this figure, you are ready to jump into the next step and you’ll also have a better idea of how much your lifestyle is emitting.

Step 2: Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint

Now you get to choose which projects you want to offset your carbon footprint with.

Our Offset Projects

We are working with various countries and organizations to make known and support projects that are offsetting carbon emissions. Many times, these are projects that protect forests from deforestation and other industrial menaces. These projects are about protecting the forests, planting of new trees, as well as introducing regenerative agriculture techniques.

This is what we look for in our projects:

  • Data– This way we can know the measure of greenhouse emissions that are being prevented and sequestered
  • Accountability– The projects we support would not be possible without sponsorship from CarbonDivest users. Most of these projects are not economically viable without the sponsorship support that pays for the CO2 offsets
  • Reports– So that you can see what difference is being made by your carbon footprint offsets as well as seeing that the data and funding are being used economically in offsetting the CO2 emissions.

Step 3: Get started!

Through regular updates and reports, you will be able to see how the project that you choose is progressing and any impacts in the environment that are coming from the progress as it is being made.

It is time to get started with offsetting your carbon footprint now !

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